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ebook - Groovers Last Stand - Georges ("Groover") dream of becoming a talented and famous DJ is on the verge of becoming a reality. His friend, the quiet and mild-natured Sam, a former child actor and aspiring writer, warns George that fame is not all it's cracked up to be. Just when dreams are about to become reality, manipulation comes from around all corners, especially in the form of the devious and seductive Mistress Electra who is looking for pawns to add to her collection. Evil also comes in the form of the mysterious and warped Mr. Sweed and his two sinister henchmen. What are they really after and who will fall prey to their demented schemes? Will the honest and dedicated, but clumsy and inept, Detective Lieutenant Montoya solve the mystery before it's too late? Sudden fame, fortune, greed, jealousy, and betrayal alters Groover's mind to the point where he believes that everyone is out to get him and soon turns on his friends, especially Sam. In the process, Sam is forced to face the ominous Dark Elroy and all the other demons of his past, that were believed long buried, which may end up destroying him as well as the woman he loves. Will Groover and Sam's friends, Jon, Dan and PG Keith, be able to save them before their lives and that of others are annihilated or will the never-ending bungling of Groover's dimwitted flunky, Marty Mixin' Marty ruin it for everyone? As George and Groover battle for total dominance, will the entities of Drit or Maurice be able to tip the scales in anyone's favor? The key to ultimate victory boils down to one final showdown? the last stand! Will love overcome desire? Justice overcome revenge? Will someone's dark personality finally prevail? A psychological thriller/mystery of sorts with a splash of horror and the supernatural. A twisted and bizarre tale of love and desire, good friends becoming bitter enemies, conflicting personalities, revenge and justice. Read 20% free, pay to read more.

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